How Does Age Affect the Health of Your Teeth and Your Smile?

Not so long ago, ageing used to be associated with a full set of dentures, but this is a misconception as you don’t need to lose your teeth. Nowadays, it’s possible to maintain healthy teeth and gums for your entire life, provided you have a good oral care routine and a healthy lifestyle. Good oral health protects your overall health too.

However, your risk of developing dental issues does increase with age. It is more likely you will develop tooth decay or that your gums will recede, but these problems are frequently due to poor oral hygiene. Another problem is dry mouth, a condition which is often a side effect of medications. When your mouth is dry, bacteria and old food particles are less likely to be washed away, and it feels uncomfortable. The best way to cope with this problem is to drink plenty of water and to make sure you brush your teeth at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and floss once-a-day.

We Can Help You Age with a Healthy Smile

When you visit Lakeside Dental Spa, we can adjust your treatment plan to best suit your age and dental health. Our friendly team will offer lots of advice on how to cope with dry mouth and other problems like brushing and flossing when dexterity may be declining.

Jul, 01, 2020