3D Radiographic Imaging

What is 3-D Cone Beam Imaging?

3-D cone beam imaging is a way for our dentists to view a 3D image of your jawbone and the surrounding soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels. We have our own cone beam machine here at Lakeside Dental Spa so there is no need for you to travel elsewhere for this important diagnostic test. A cone beam machine emits an x-ray beam that is shaped like a cone, rather than the fan shape of a traditional CT scan. The machine travels around your head to collect its images while your head is comfortably supported.

What is it used for?

We find this machine extremely useful as it provides us with a detailed, informative image prior to many different procedures. It can help us evaluate the condition of your jaw joints and to see if they have degenerated in any way and we can use it to plan wisdom teeth extractions. If you require dental implants, a cone beam scan will enable Dr Khaled to pinpoint the very best location for each implant so it can function properly and will look great. Cone beam scans may also be used to check for cysts or tumours or for any sign of infection. Cone beams can also assess the volume of the airway during screening for sleep apnoea.

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