Oral Cancer Screening

Lakeside Dental Spa Carries out Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

Each day three Australians are diagnosed with oral cancer and survival rates are low, often because of late detection. As dentists we get to see our patients at six-monthly intervals and are trained to screen for the earliest signs of oral cancer.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Your oral cancer screening is very non-invasive as we will gently feel your neck and your lymph nodes for any changes. We will examine all the tissues inside your mouth using a Velscope. This is a great device that emits a blue light and if there are any changes to the skin inside your mouth then these will fluoresce. This makes it much easier for us to see any tiny changes that might not be visible to the naked eye.

Early Detection Could Save Your Life

When detected early, the survival rates for oral cancer are between 80 and 90%, compared to later stages where survival rates fall to 30%. We will regularly screen you for oral cancer but it is worth being aware of any changes in-between visits. If you have any ulcers that fail to heal or any lumps that don’t feel quite right, please contact us so we can investigate. We’d always rather be safe than sorry.

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