Sleep Dentistry

Why We Offer Sedation

We know some people find visiting the dentist an ordeal and although we do everything we can to ensure our practice is calm and relaxing, we realise this is not always enough. If you do feel anxious or nervous about the thought of dental visits then we ask that you speak to us so we can discuss additional sedation if necessary. Sedation can also be helpful for people with a strong gag reflex or anyone who requires quite a lot of dental treatment as we will be able to carry out more dental work during a single appointment.

Types of Sedation Offered

Everyone is kept comfortable and pain-free with local anaesthetic and we take a great deal of care to ensure this is administered as comfortably as we can. We utilise Penthrox which is inhaled through the nose to reduce anxiety. You should start to feel the effects within a few breaths and you will be in control of its administration. Penthrox is soon eliminated from the body and side effects are minimal. We can also use stronger sedatives where you will still be awake and able to respond to commands but will feel no fear or anxiety.

Sometimes it may be preferable to have a general anaesthetic, particularly if you require lengthier or more complex surgery. If we feel you will benefit from having a general anaesthetic, then we will arrange for you to visit Hervey Bay Surgical Centre.

How Intravenous Sedation Can Help You?

Intravenous or IV sedation provides a far greater sense of relaxation compared to Penthrox. With IV sedation, you will feel deeply relaxed and while you will still be able to respond to our dental team, you are unlikely to remember anything about your treatment. Another name for this form of sedation is twilight or sleep dentistry because it can induce such a deep sense of relaxation that you may even fall asleep, although we will be easily able to awaken you.

The sedative is continuously administered through your arm during treatment and quickly takes effect. We will constantly monitor you during this treatment and will keep you with us for a short while afterwards, just to make sure you are okay to go home. You will need someone to take you home and to stay with you while the effects wear off.

For more information, please speak to our friendly dental team on (07) 4191 4787 or visit us at 8/6-8 Liuzzi St, Pialba Hervey Bay QLD 4655.