Sleep Studies

Why Might I Need a Sleep Study

We sometimes recommend a sleep study for patients with sleep apnoea and where we think your breathing may be interrupted for a significant period of time during sleep. This is carried out in a sleep clinic where you can be carefully monitored.

What Will Happen During a Sleep Study?

A sleep study records what happens to your body during sleep. While you are asleep several different functions will be monitored, including your brain activity, your oxygen, carbon dioxide levels and your heart rate and breathing rate. A sleep study will also show how long it takes you to fall asleep and periods of wakefulness. There is no need to worry about having a sleep study as you will be in a comfortable private room and the information it provides is extremely useful.

How is the Information Used?

We can review the results of your sleep study with you and this can help identify the best way to treat any problems. If you have sleep apnoea then we might suggest you try using a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) that helps ensure you get an uninterrupted flow of air all night long or alternatively there are special dental appliances that help hold open the airway during sleep.

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